Packaging incorporates science, art and technology. It plays an important and multidimensional role and can be as important as the product itself. An important part of the graphic arts industry concerns packaging.

In order to be successful, packaging design should serve the needs of both the customer and the supplier.

Packaging have to be functional:

  • to protect the product
  • ergonomically designed to ensure the lowest possible cost and optimal manufacturing, storage, transport and placement ways
  • to provide consumer safety (especially for food to meet specifications)
  • to inform about the history, nature and features of the product or even provides using instructions

It must be aesthetically perfect:

  • to match the protected product
  • to be attractive in order to grab the attention of the buyer
  • to provide for the product itself but also brand recognition

Finally, it must be environmentally friendly. An unalienable requirement but also a popular practice of our times.

Packaging is the best way to promote products. Especially for products placed in self-service stores is the "silent seller". But it is also the most direct agent of your corporate identity.