Virtual page flipping experience has come to add to the ever-evolving digital potentials. It simulates digitally page flipping of physical prints and is making so either by mouse or touch (at touch screen devices), dragging the corners, or clicking on the edge of the pages.

Digital flipping effect is a feature that adds value to digital documents because, although virtual, offers true enjoyment in the content browsing process. In combination with other functionalities such as:

  • easy access from anywhere with any device
  • easy internal navigation through a menu of contents or thumbnails
  • direct access to external sources via active referral links
  • media content (video or music tracks)
  • soundtrack
  • page magnification

makes digital catalogs, magazines, albums and all kinds of documents easy to read, pleasant and - if for commercial use - very effective.

The sense of reading a well-made physical print may never be replaced by its digital substitute. However, given the above features and of course the cost of production of physical prints, interactive documents will probably allow the library shelves to accommodate only books worth printed...