Regardless of your decision for your website, to create by yourself or contact a professional, to design, develop and operate it effectively, you should initially:

  • to have a clear view for the purpose and goals of the project
  • to collect any element you have, texts, graphics, images, documents, videos, or if it is a new venture and you have nothing, create even a small text that will describe your activity or product.

In parallel -if your subject is not totally original- you could collect some related website links and accompany them with notes (similarities and differences with what you do, what you like or hate on them and so on).

From the study of the above and the context of the budget, will emerge the decisions for the project implementation.

Website design may:

  • be original or
  • be based on a template from the hundreds available.

Website development may:

  • use a Content Management System (such as Word Press, Joomla, etc.) or
  • be need code written from scratch for its management and functions.

In any case, the minimum required from a modern website is:

  • quality content, original and informative
  • to be comfortably navigable and fully functional on all devices (responsive)
  • to have a good search engine ranking (elaborate Search Engine Optimization)
  • Be dynamic so that content can be easily refreshed (and can be edited by people who are not related to its development).